Recent studies have shown just how detrimental sitting for long periods of time is to one’s health. Sitting has been linked to health issues such as obesity, high blood pressure and sugar, excess fat especially around the waist as well as unusual levels of cholesterol. So even before we get into it, simply getting up and traveling at least means you’re not sitting down at your desk for those long hours every day of your working life. That’s one health benefit right there and a number of scientific studies tell us we are just getting started. Oh, and traveling for business doesn’t count. Sorry. Here are five ways in which traveling improves your health.


Other than the fact that your heart races a bit with excitement when you daydream about that perfect vacation, a study done by the Global Commission on Aging found that women who take it upon themselves to travel at least two times in a year were significantly less likely to suffer a heart attack compared to those who travel about once in a decade. Men who did not take a holiday trip at least once a year were 30% more susceptible to heart disease and 20% more likely to die. Traveling could literally save your life.


Even just thinking about a sunset walk on the beach of some tropical island is calming enough. Taking the actual trip could do wonders for your mood and stress levels. After a vacation one feels rested, less anxious and in high spirits and these effects can last for quite some time. If you are feeling a bit worked up it is time to take a vacation.


If you’re stuck in a mental rut often someone will say to you that you need a change of scenery. That scenery could be the Big Five on the savanna plains of East Africa. Immersing yourself in a foreign environment brings your cognitive abilities to the fore as you process new information and use it to adapt to new situations. However, it is important to deliberately engage with the local culture to really boost your cognitive abilities and hence your creativity and problem-solving abilities. Speaking of local culture, the world renown Maasai tribe of East Africa is a must-see. Their eccentric way of life will definitely shock your mind into action if nothing else. Experience their way of life on a number of Masai Mara safaris.


We already know that taking a vacation can relieve stress but don’t wait until you are stressed to travel and see the world. Take the initiative and be happy. Better still is the fact that simply planning a trip already makes you happy as a study from Cornell University shows. You don’t have to wait until you are a millionaire to start looking up some exciting travel destinations. Start planning and that vacation is one step closer and the best part is you begin enjoying the rewards of that vacation even before you take off.


Leaving your desk and simply taking a walk in the park already does your health a lot of good. Leaving your desk and traveling to a foreign country will do significantly more for you. A lot of sightseeing activities will leave you on your feet most of the time and you may end up covering huge distances on foot. Furthermore, a lot of travel destinations offer sporting activities such as swimming, beach volleyball, archery etc that will definitely help you keep fit. And for yoga enthusiasts traveling offers novel settings for yoga sessions that bring you that much closer to mother nature.


If you are now convinced that traveling improves your health, East Africa is a magical place to visit packed with fun safaris to see the Big Five and other wildlife. Sunbathe on tropical sandy beaches in the best weather our planet has to offer as well as visit fascinating historic and prehistoric sites.

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