A true diamond in the rough, Treetops Lodge is located in the Aberdare National Park. The lodge rests 1,966 meters above sea level on the Aberdare Ranges with Mt. Kenya within viewing distance. Treetops Lodge is a unique coming together of nature and history. This little sanctuary is built around the sacred Mugumo tree which grows right through the lodge. Furthermore, the lodge is strategically located along an elephant migration route between the Aberdare Ranges and Mt. Kenya and also overlooks a natural waterhole and saltlick making it ideal for game viewing.

Treetops Lodge was initially built in 1932. It is the first game viewing lodge built on stilts in Kenya. Unfortunately, Treetops Lodge was razed to the ground by Mau Mau rebels in the 1950s. However, this did not damper the resilience of the lodge as it soon rose from the ashes. Most notably, though, is that in 1952 Princess Elizabeth visited Treetops Lodge as a princess and left as Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II. This is after while at the lodge she received news that her father, King George V had passed away in his sleep. So what makes Treetops Lodge good enough for royalty?


Treetops lodge room

Treetops Lodge has three suites that’ll make you feel like royalty. The suites are commodious with a spacious living area. Expansive windows offer a panoramic view of the waterhole and saltlick area. The rooms are fitted with buzzers to alert guests when wild animals visit the lodge. As expected the suites have a shower and bathtub en-suite.

Their catalog of accommodation options is completed by a number of standard suites that feature twin beds which can be joined to form a king-size bed. Those traveling as a family also have the option of triple rooms. The rooms have showers en-suite and also feature a luggage rack.

Also worth noting is that the lodge is disability-friendly. Treetops Lodge has rooms on the first floor with ramps leading to all rooms and other public areas.


Treetops Lodge meal

Meals are served at the lodge on chandelier-lit tables with a view of any game around the lodge. The lodge boasts international recipes that are prepared by world-class chefs. A bar and a lounge are at the disposal of Treetops’ guests where they can choose from a wide array of hot and cold beverages. Nothing like some fine wine while viewing animals at the waterhole.

Game Drives

Rhino and calf in Aberdare National Park

Treetops Lodge has tailored a variety of game drive experiences guaranteed to satisfy your desire for adventure. First on the list is the Salient Game Drive which for a couple of hours takes you to the Salient Zone of the Aberdare Range National Park where you’ll see four of the Big Five, the black-faced vervet monkeys, spotted hyenas, sykes, colobus, bongo antelopes, and giant forest frogs. Next is the Moorlands Game Drive which is an all-day tour of the Aberdare Range National Park where you get to see all that the Aberdare Ranges has to offer. Undulating hills, clear mountain streams, waterfalls, and breathtaking scenery. Wild animals are also a cardinal feature of this game drive. The Moorland Game Drive is capped by a visit to the Karuru Falls, Chania Falls, Magura Falls, and the Queen’s Cave.

Thirdly, it’s time to see some black and white rhinos on the Solio Game Drive which is a tour of the Solio Game Reserve. The game reserve is a private conservancy that focuses on protecting and breeding rhinos. Rhinos are an endangered species and should be on your list of endangered species to see while on your Kenyan safari. While at Solio Game Drive you will also get to see zebras, waterbucks, buffalos, giraffes, elands, impalas, Thomson’s gazelles among other wild animals. Lastly, enjoy the Sundowners Game Drive which is a late afternoon drive in the Aberdare National Park that is meant to coincide with a sunset serving of cocktails and dry bitings while viewing animals. All drives are led by experienced tour guides on 4WD vehicles.

Other Activities

KarurU Falls

There’s plenty to do at Treetops Lodge. Take a guided nature walk within the fenced off area next to the lodge. Enjoy close up views of wild animals within the lodge at the waterhole and saltlick area and take amazing photographs. Experience outdoor banquets. Go fishing in the moorlands and have the lodge cook what you catch absolutely free. To cap it all off you can go on a horse-ride safari from the lodge to Prince Charles’ campsite and back.

Treetops Lodge is an amazing place to experience all that the Aberdare Ranges has to offer. It is also a socially responsible lodge as it is credited with the instigation of the Return the Bush Initiative which seeks to rehabilitate 125 hectares of the Aberdare National Park. Treetops Lodge should definitely be on the itinerary of your Kenyan safari. Enjoy your stay!

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