Well, it is that time of year again. The Christmas festivities are right around the corner and the usual up-country exodus is expected. However, for some, a week’s long escape to an exotic beach resort sounds more appealing. Whatever the case, we all have special plans for the Christmas period. Perhaps this piece is more suited for the exotic beach resort kind of person and here are 5 tips for an affordable vacation during the Christmas period. Oh, and by exotic beach resorts, we mean the ones in Mombasa. #TembeaKenya #MagicalKenya.

  1. Stay In Apartments

House on the beach with a pool

Some of you may already be familiar with this concept but for those who are not, here is how it works. Mombasa is full of rent per night apartments that offer a more affordable alternative to hotels and resorts. While the average cost of a room per night at a 4-star resort during the festive period is around KES 30,000/-, this may be the amount you spend on a week’s long stay at an apartment near the beach. Even better is that you may be sharing the apartment with your family or friends and consequently sharing the cost.

Furthermore, some of the apartments on offer are actually really luxurious mansions. It is like owning your dream home for a week and the dream home is right next to the beach. As if that is not enough, some apartments come equipped with a swimming pool, Wi-Fi, a gym and so much more. The only downside to the apartments is that you have to cook your own food. All the same, with the kitchen facilities on some of these apartments who’s really complaining? Alternatively, if you would rather just be on holiday and not have to worry about cooking most apartments have chefs for hire to do all that for you. Oh, and they can be surprisingly affordable. Rates average between KES 1,000/- to KES 2,500/- per day.

If all this seems appealing to you, start viewing apartments on Airbnb or visit our Facebook page, message us, and ask for apartment offers. We’ll do all the heavy lifting and find an apartment that meets all your needs. From the number of guests, proximity to the beach, amenities such as a swimming pool, and of course, put your budget into consideration. Cost of accommodation is usually the most expensive aspect of vacationing in Mombasa. We just gave you a lifehack to save you thousands of shillings and make your dream holiday a reality.

  1. Share Rooms

Twin beds

Apartments are great and all but some people just cannot resist the world-class accommodation and treatment at a 5-star beach resort. Well, if this sounds like you there are still things you can do to save money. One of them is to simply share a room. With your partner or close friend, of course. If the rate of the room per night is KES 30,000/- then sharing the room simply halves that number and is more affordable for each of you. This arrangement is especially ideal for couples or close friends. In fact, triple rooms are also available and there is usually a discount on the third party. Usually, a 30% discount. Simply look at the amount you were going to spend on your vacation and slash it in half once you tag someone along with you.

  1. Stay On Half Board

Close up picture of a meal

Hotels and resorts usually offer a few meal plan options for your stay. The options are bed and breakfast (breakfast only), half-board (breakfast and dinner), full-board (all three meals), and all-inclusive (all three meals plus both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks). Obviously, the more you are fed the more you pay. Check what meal plans the resort offers and pick the one that is within your budget. We recommend half-board. One reason is that almost all resorts offer this meal plan. Secondly, you will probably be out and about Mombasa and will not even have lunch at the resort. If that is the case, then jump into a local restaurant and have an affordable lunch before getting back on your adventure trail. Unless, of course, you plan on spending your entire week sunbathing by the pool then definitely go for the all-inclusive option.

  1. Take Advantage Of Kid Offers

Feet of two adults and a kid in a bed

It is no secret. Any decent resort out there has special discounted rates for kids under 12 years of age. Usually, the rate is 50% of the adult rate when sharing a room with the adult. If the kids get their own room then the rate is about 80% the adult rate. Well, most of you probably knew that already. However, here is where the real advantage is. For infants, usually, kids below 2 years of age stay free. While this is the norm in most resorts, some resorts usually extend that infant bracket up to the age of 5 years. So instead of having to pay for your child who is 2 and a half years old simply look for a resort with a friendlier infant bracket and save money.

  1. Book Early

Room service personnel picking up rolled up towels

Booking early guarantees one thing for sure: availability. During the festive period rooms in hotels, resorts, and even apartments are usually in high demand. If you wait until the last minute chances are you will miss out on accommodation and your vacation entirely. It is prudent to book early to save your spot. Here are the 10 Cheapest Travel Destinations for Kenyans for you to book early.

On the other hand, hotels usually have a disclaimer on the prices of their rooms. Something along the lines that prices may change at the discretion of the hotel. Basic rules of economics state that the higher the demand the higher the cost. With that in mind do not be surprised if hotels double or even triple the rates of their rooms if the demand is too high. While hotels usually publish their rates almost a year in advance it is still within their right to alter these rates as they deem fit to meet the pressures of demand.

Well, those are 5 tips for an affordable vacation during the Christmas period in Mombasa. Also, while in Mombasa, here are 5 fun things to do in Mombasa with your kids. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comment section down below. If you are enjoying the content give it a thumbs up below.

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