Different hotels have different types of rooms priced differently. Most advertised rates one comes across are based on the “entry-level” room of a hotel which is usually a Standard Room or a Garden View Room, especially for coastal hotels. Staying at most hotels is already a luxurious experience. That being said, how much does the room category impact one’s stay at a hotel? Are upgrades to more expensive room categories worth it? Let’s take a deep dive into the little-known world of hotel room categories.

How Many Room Categories Are There?

To put it simply, there is no hard number to the number of room categories a hotel has or should have. As a rule of thumb, most hotels will have a Standard Room, a Superior Room, a Deluxe Room, and a Suite. Hotels at the coast have further sub-categories based on the views the rooms have, that is, Garden View, Pool View, Ocean or Sea View, and Ocean or Sea Front. The difference between a Sea View and Sea Front Room is that while both have a view of the ocean, the Sea Front Rooms are usually the closest possible to the beach.

What Does Each Room Category Offer?

Standard Rooms or Garden View Rooms are usually the most affordable rooms at a hotel. However, this is not to say that they are substandard or anything of the sort. Usually, the entry-level room category will have all the hallmarks of a good room varying only on the caliber of the hotel one is staying at. This means that entry-level rooms are good enough and more often than not good value for money. Higher-room categories will usually add features on top of what the entry-level room categories have to offer.

“What features?” You may ask. The two main differences in room categories are usually space and view, though other differences in in-room amenities may come into play. Usually, a Superior Room will be more spacious than a Standard Room. As such, many hotels will recommend that the Standard Room have no more than 3 occupants, usually, a family of two adults and one kid at the maximum. Families of two adults and two to three kids may have to upgrade to the more spacious Superior Room category or a special Family Room category. Suites will go a step further and have a separate living and bedroom area.

For the view, this is mostly applicable to hotels on the coast. A view of the garden area will be ubiquitous in entry-level rooms with higher room categories having a pool view or sea view.

In-room amenities may also vary across the different room categories. Higher room categories may have features such as a bathtub or private jacuzzi or offer extra services such as a fruit basket and gift in the room.

What Room Category Is Best For You?

Depending on how one utilizes their time at the hotel or on vacation, one’s room may be the place one spends the least amount of waking time. As such, one’s choice of a room should be primarily functional. For solo travelers, couples, or small nuclear families, entry-level rooms should be just fine. Even so, couples celebrating a special occasion such as an anniversary or honeymoon may want to splurge on a more luxurious room category.

Large families with two to three kids should definitely consider Superior or Family Rooms. Although, taking two interconnected Standard or Garden View Rooms may also be a viable option. This ensures the parents have their privacy while the kids are in the next room that can be accessed through a door between the two rooms.

VIP clients should definitely consider Suites, especially business travelers who will enjoy a living room area that may also serve as an office space to attend to any pending or urgent work. Suites usually being the most expensive room category also provide some exclusivity for VIP clients looking to keep a low profile during their vacation.

Unconventional Room Categories

Finally, there are hotels that offer a different kind of accommodation experience with apartment-style or cottage/villa-like rooms. Such room categories are ideal for large families or groups or for privacy as they may be in a secluded section of the hotel. Generally, these room categories will be expensive but may end up being more economical as they can accommodate more people. They also usually come with a kitchen and feel more like a home away from home. Unfortunately, not many hotels will have such rooms but for those that do, this is a room category worth considering.

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