A honeymoon getaway is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, well, at least that’s the intention. It’s hard to say if one is lucky or unlucky if they get to go on more than one honeymoon. A discussion for another day. For now, let’s get into some considerations not to be overlooked while planning a honeymoon on the Kenyan Coast.

Honeymoon Add-ons

When one asks for a honeymoon package, one expects, firstly, a pleasant stay at a decent hotel with good service. In addition, one also expects a few extra add-ons to make the experience feel more like a honeymoon and not just an ordinary stay at a hotel, though it is open to debate if a stay at a hotel can be “ordinary.” That being said, what are some honeymoon add-ons to expect? Well, some add-ons we’ve seen being attached to a honeymoon package include a room upgrade, romantic room decor, a bouquet of flowers for the lady, a candle-lit, private beach or pool dinner for the couple, a bottle of wine, a congratulatory letter from the hotel, etc. That and perhaps any special request the honeymooners may have that is within the scope of the hotel to fulfill.

The only caveat to be aware of is that some hotels will provide such add-ons on a complimentary basis while other hotels will charge extra.

Choosing a Hotel for Your Honeymoon

Obviously, the hotel that offers complimentary honeymoon add-ons makes a strong case for itself. The hotel of choice for a honeymoon getaway is a personal choice idiosyncratic to the couple making the choice. If a couple prefers a more serene and exclusive type of getaway, then boutique hotels are the way to go. A few options include The Maji Beach Boutique Hotel, Neptune Palm Beach Boutique Resort & Spa, Medina Palms, and Sun Africa Beach Resort just to mention a few. Boutique hotels have a small number of rooms meaning that they are never crowded. Some hotels also offer exclusive areas with villas or cottages that offer the desired privacy and exclusivity.

Going for a fairly high-end or definitely high-end hotel with good reviews, amenities and a picturesque setting is also something to consider. For an experience that comes once in a lifetime, more or less, nothing would be more frustrating than being at a hotel that does not meet a couple’s expectations. Therefore, one should invest time to do some research on potential hotels and get a good sense of whether the hotels under consideration will meet expectations.

Finally, couples may be interested in having a photoshoot to mark their honeymoon. One should inquire on a hotel’s policy about this. Some hotels just require to be alerted that a photographer will be on the premises while other hotels require payment to either organize the photoshoot or even to just allow the photo shoot to take place within the hotel.

Couple Activities

couple doing skydiving together
Photo by Russ Jani on Pexels.com

Other than enjoying a hotel’s amenities, a couple may be interested in activities or excursions outside the hotel. Most hotels do have a department specifically for organizing activities and excursions. Getting in touch with such a department beforehand is advised for planning purposes. Choosing a hotel located either on the North Coast or South Coast (Diani) may have a role to play in the kinds of activities available. Diani is generally better for activities such as skydiving and trips to Wasini. We have gone through the trouble of highlighting the key differences between either coast here.

Qualifying for a Honeymoon Package

Really the only requirement is that a couple provides a marriage certificate not older than six months. As such, it is prudent to carry the marriage certificate or a copy of the same. That and love, bring love along to your honeymoon getaway.

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