Let’s head down to ‘Vasha for the weekend is probably something you’ve heard from a 30-something-year-old Subaru-driving Nairobian guy while holding a can of energy drink in his hand. Sorry for the cliche there but the point is Naivasha really is an ideal weekend getaway. Whether for a group of friends, family or even a romantic getaway. Now, if you are looking for the latter, i.e., a romantic getaway then we have the perfect spot. One that you’ve probably never heard of as Wileli House & Wildlife Conservancy prides itself on being off the beaten path. A serene and romantic getaway spot to specifically help one escape the hassle and bustle of city life and reignite the spark in any relationship.


Zebras at Wileli House & Wildlife Conservancy

Wileli House is located on Moi North Lake Road, Naivasha. This stretch of road also features vacation homes, not unlike Wileli House. However, Wileli House sets itself apart in a variety of ways. Firstly, it is set on a wildlife conservancy. It is quite literally like having a piece of the Kenyan wilderness in one’s back yard. The lodge is a champion of conserving nature and has done its utmost best to preserve the habitat it is built on. All whilst giving guests an intimate and surreal indulgence in nature with guided nature walks. Well, what exactly does one see on these nature walks? The conservancy is home to hippos, giraffes, buffalo, and elands among others. Not to mention that the conservancy is a haven for birdwatching. That and the green and serene aura of the conservancy is relaxing, to say the least.

The Cottages

Wileli House, contrary to its name is not one house but a modest collection of rustic cottages with modern comforts themed around romance. The cottages sleep between 4 and 2 people. Firstly are the Dik Dik and Hippo cottages. Each cottage comes with 2 bedrooms and can host a maximum of 4 adult guests. The two cottages come equipped with a modern kitchen for self-catering, a lounge area, flat-screen TV, en-suite bathroom, and a private veranda. Here one wakes up to the view of L. Naivasha and the conservancy.

For more intimate accommodation options for couples the Giraffe, the Rock, the Bridge, and the Cliff cottages are exactly what you are looking for. Each cottage sleeps just 2 and all come with a heated Jacuzzi with the Giraffe Cottage also featuring an outdoor plunge pool. Flat-screen TVs and en-suite bathrooms are pretty much standard across all the accommodation options.

The Cave

At this point, most couples are already sold on the private cottages with heated Jacuzzis. However, the cherry on the cake is The Cave. A 30-meter walk from your cottage is a crevice that opens into a preserved waterfall cave that is the setting for a romantic dinner ideal for couples on their honeymoon, anniversary or just about to pop the question. A private chef and butler are at your beck and call to make you feel like royalty on that special evening.

If the activities at the conservancy are not enough to quench your thirst for adventure worry not as the greater Naivasha region is home Hell’s Gate National Park, Crescent Island, L. Naivasha amongst other attractions.

Other Amenities

Swimming pool at Wileli House

Just because the setting is a conservancy that does not mean Wileli House cuts corners on modern amenities such as Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is freely available. The lodge also features a bistro restaurant and a bar. Meals are exquisite and the drinks are varied enough to suit anyone’s taste. Self-catering is also possible for the cottages with kitchenettes.

Wileli House Rates

Kindly use our Contact Us page to get in touch with us and ask for Wileli House rates plus included activities.

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