Wild Waters Mombasa is a water park in Nyali, Mombasa. That introduction, however, does not do Kenya’s largest water park justice. The water park is a family-themed, fun-filled, adrenalin rush, all-you-can-do-with-water kind of place. While everyone else is heading down to the beach to have a one-foot wave meekly splash against their feet, the real water action is taking place at Wild Waters Mombasa.

This one of a kind water park in Kenya is located in Nyali along Links Road. It is adjacent to Mamba Village across from Nyali Golf Club. You can’t miss it. Except maybe on Mondays when it is usually closed. Maybe then you can actually enjoy a relaxing day in any one of Mombasa’s best beach resorts.

Let’s Slide Into It

Wild Waters Mombasa’s highlight feature is its slides. The slides come in various styles all guaranteed to have your heart racing as you speed down faster than the legal speed limit in Kenya – a bit of an exaggeration there – all to end up in a big splash down at the pool.

Multine and Harakiri

For those of you who may know a thing or two about Japanese Samurai culture, Harakiri was the act by a Samurai of committing suicide by disembowelment rather than surrender or be caught by the enemy. It was considered a dignified way to die rather than suffer the humiliation of being caught by the enemy. Now, why the good people at Wild Waters Mombasa decided to name one of their slides that is anyone’s guess. However, Multine and Harakiri are four slides joined next to each other and are quite popular with families or groups. Usually, the point is four individuals to take their marks at the top of the slide, sliding mats in hand, and race down the wet slides and skim across the water surface on the pool below. It’s just a lot of fun.


Spirals are slides made like tubes that spiral all the way down to the pool below. Once you enter the tube at the top, you are engulfed in total darkness as you speedily spiral down the slide which opens up into the pool below. As you guessed it, this only ends one way. A big splash into the pool. Basically, slide, splash, repeat!

Flume Bowl

The flume bowl is a slide that ends in a bowl-like structure than one spins around in until being dropped in the middle down to the swimming pool. You’d have to experience it to really get its thrill. Worth noting is that this slide is strictly for adults only who are good swimmers as the pool below is five feet deep.

The Water Play Station

This is an area of Wild Waters Mombasa particularly popular with kids. Water Play Station has jets of water spraying from all directions. Children can climb the structure in the spraying water and splash around in the shallow pool. One amazing feature of the Water Play Station is an enormous bucket that fills up with water and automatically tilts over to pour the water on all and sundry in the Water Play Station.

Lazy River

The Lazy River is quite literally for lazying around. It is a 270-meter river-like channel of water that surrounds the entire water park. One can lay atop a tube and just drift away in the river taking in the sunshine and observing everything going on around you.

The Rain Dance Area

Dancing in the rain is a long-standing theme in Romantic films and whatnot. If, for some reason, this is an item on your bucket list, well, best to do it at Wild Waters Mombasa. The Rain Dance Area is an area set aside for dancing with music playing and artificial rain falling on the ‘dance floor’.

Kids Pool

5 pools, smaller slides, and a castle comprise the kids’ pool area. Kids can have their own fun in a safe area with reasonable depths of water.


There are also air amusement rides and bumper cars. The thrills here just never end.

Food and Beverages

All that fun is sure to leave one famished. Worry not. Wild Waters Mombasa has food courts to satiate any palate. With vegetarian options, the food courts also offer dishes from various parts of the world including Chinese food. Barbecues, tandoori, and burgers are also amongst the selection.

Soft and hard drinks are also available at the Papillion Bar. The food court area is also ideal for events such as weddings, cocktail parties, and receptions.

Event Packages

Wild Waters has packages for various events such as team-building, conferences, weddings, parties, school outings and so on. The venue can sit up to 4,000 guests and offers equipment such as a PA system, podium and stage, and even a backup generator to ensure your event goes smoothly. Wild Waters also boasts a comprehensive team building package to aid corporate groups to foster unity, cooperation amongst other corporate values.

Wild Waters Mombasa Fees and Hours

At Wild Waters, there are two kinds of fees namely sliders and non-sliders. As you may have extrapolated from those phrases, guests who want to use the sliders pay a day-charge of KES 1,500/- while guests who want to just swim pay a day-charge of KES 300. There is a membership program where one can pay KES 2,000/- monthly to access the facility every Sunday of the month or KES 2,500/- for Saturday and Sunday access throughout the month. The park opens at 10:00 AM and closes at 6:00 PM daily except Mondays.

Rules and Regulations

Standard water safety rules apply. Rules on outside food also feature heavily. Advisories on how to behave also feature in the rules. Obviously, underage drinking is strongly prohibited. For a full list of the rules and regulations, check out their website here.

Wild Waters Mombasa is Kenya’s largest water park located in Nyali, Mombasa.

Wild Waters Mombasa is located in Nyali, Mombasa, Kenya along Links Road. The water park is next to Mamba Village and opposite Nyali Golf Club.

KES 1,600/- per day to use the slides and swimming pool. KES 300 per day for non-sliders & non-swimmers

Yes. There is a food court that offers a variety of food menus including Chinese food. There are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Soft and hard drinks are also served.

Wild Waters Mombasa is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily except on Mondays

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