Valentine’s Day is the one day a year when we are all allowed to be cheesily romantic. The cliche red clothing item, the bouquet of roses, and the dinner date are all typical, overplayed elements of this red-letter day. And yet, it never gets old. It is a day that is anticipated with juvenile infatuation. Therefore, we are not here to reinvent the wheel. Quite the opposite. We are here to make a case for the Kenyan Coast as a prime Valentine’s Day destination. A cliche travel destination, to go with all the cliche elements of Valentine’s Day.

Firstly, the Kenyan Coast is the country’s most popular tourist destination. It really has two main attractions namely white sandy beaches and world-class beach resorts. Already, this is enough to draw most people to the Kenyan Coast. However, what makes the place ideal for a Valentine’s Day celebration are the attractive Valentine’s Packages most resorts offer.

Bouquet of Flowers

Ubiquitous across nearly all Valentine’s Packages is the bouquet of flowers a couple receives upon arrival at a resort on the Kenyan Coast. If the bouquet is absent, rest assured there are floral decorations or petals scattered in the couple’s room. This sets the tone for a romantic vacation. Flower petals may be made into the shape of a love heart and placed centrally on the bed with towels made to look like swans completing the romantic ensemble.

Private Beach Dinner

If you are going to have a Valentine’s Day dinner date, it might as well be a candle-lit dinner by the ocean. Most Valentine’s Packages will offer a romantic beach dinner for couples. A chance to gaze into each other’s eyes and profess one’s love all under the blanket of a starry night sky and the calming, low rumble of the ocean.

In some cases, the beach dinner also comes with a complimentary bottle of wine.

Discounts at the Spa

A beach resort set in a tropical garden is relaxing enough. However, a visit to the resort’s spa can be an even better way to unwind. The good news is that Valentine’s Packages will more often than not include a discount for a couple’s massage or a session at the spa. Therefore, this presents a relaxing activity for a couple to participate in together. Well, at least as much as one can participate in a massage session other than mostly just lying there.

Special Rates

Despite the popularity of beach resorts on the Kenyan Coast during Valentine’s Day, the rates rarely go up due to increased demand during this time. In fact, quite a number of Valentine’s Packages will feature discounted rates and in some cases, go as far as offering a complimentary stay for one spouse per couple. One just has to be on the lookout for such offers. Consulting your preferred travel agent or contacting a resort directly are a couple of ways to make sure you’re always in the loop for any special offers.

Valentine’s Theme and Decor

As mentioned above, floral decor in a hotel room is one way to set the mood for a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration. Resorts take it a notch higher by having little Valentine’s theme elements all across their facility. Love is in the air, so to speak. Perhaps staff members may dorn uniforms with red embellishments. There may be rose flowers at strategic places in the resort. Decorative balloons are also a common feature during Valentine’s Day.

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