First of, Happy New Year! 2019 is finally here and like with the start of every new year one is most likely filled with new hope and a set of resolutions to achieve before another year goes by. Furthermore, there is the sense that this year will be different. One may not have crossed off all of 2018’s resolutions but 2019 will be different. At least that is what a majority of people tell themselves. Well, we are not here to speculate on whether or not one will achieve their new year resolutions. We are here, as a matter of fact, to add to your resolutions for 2019. Here are 5 new year travel resolutions for Kenyans.

1. Once A Year Visit Some Place New

Man on a peak above the clouds

Those are the immortal words of the Dalai Lama. Seems like a simple enough goal to achieve but 365 days come and pass so fast. More often than not the only travel people end up doing is their daily commute to work. The off days are spent relaxing in the house trying to re-energize for another week of commuting to work. Taking a break from this mundane routine and having a novel experience in a new place can do wonders for one’s personal well-being, health, and even creativity. You can read more on How Travel Improves Your Health.

If you decide not to listen to us, at least take heed to the wise words of the Dalai Lama and visit someplace new this year.

2. Save For Travel

Well organized desk with financial sketch on a paper

Unfortunately, traveling especially for a vacation does not come cheap. That being said, traveling to exotic locations is probably on the wishlist of a lot of people. Instead of giving up on travel due to the cost one should find a way of meeting the cost and going on their dream vacation. One way to achieve this is by planning and saving early for the vacation. It’s only January but it is not too early to start thinking of a vacation in December. That gives one 12 months to plan and save for the trip. Remember how those 365 days come and go in a flash? Well, your vacation will also come just as quickly. By the time December gets here, you will have enough money to go on that dream holiday and it will be even more deserved due to how much effort you put into saving and planning for it.

3. Visit A Local National Park Or Reserve

Woman holding a camera on a safari vehicle

With thousands of foreign tourists coming to Kenya’s national parks and reserves every year, it is astonishing that some Kenyans have never made the time to visit said parks and reserves. If you happen to fall in this group of Kenyans then visiting a national park or reserve should rank quite highly on your resolutions for 2019. Park entry fees are quite affordable and even more so if one has their own means of transport for self-drive safaris. See the Big Five, gazelles, giraffes, hippos and so much more wildlife that our beautiful country has to offer.

Furthermore, Nairobi National Park is a stone throw away from the CBD and a safari here can even be an afternoon’s escapade. Also, with the rate at which some of the wildlife species are becoming extinct, there might not be much to see a few years from now. The time is now.

4. Do At Least One Extreme Activity

A selfie of a man and woman skydiving

Skydiving, zip lining, paragliding, rock climbing, bungee jumping, and hiking. These are some of the extreme activities one can participate in to get that rush of adrenalin. Some great places to cross off some of these activities from your bucket list are Skydive Diani, The Forest, and Rafting Kenya for bungee jumping. Extreme activities are an acquired taste for most people but can add a bit of color to your year if you can muster the courage to jump 4 kilometers above the ground from a moving plane. Sounds easy enough.

5. Travel Using The SGR

Madaraka Express on Kenya's standard gauge railway
Image by Micheal Khateli

While quite a number of Kenyans have already been a passenger on the Madaraka Express others are yet to get the opportunity. It is the finest rail travel experience our country has to offer. The journey is a couple of hours shorter than using the bus and it is significantly more affordable than traveling by plane. It is simple. Next time you are traveling to Mombasa make the SGR your mode of transport of choice. Be warned, however. Tickets can be in high demand sometimes and it is better to book a month or a couple of weeks before you travel.

5 new year travel resolutions for Kenyans right there. What must-do activities did we miss? Let us know in the comment section below. Like and share the content if you loved it.

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