Selous Game Reserve is one of the largest wildlife reserves in the World, located in the south of Tanzania. The reserve covers a total area of 54,600 km2 and has additional buffer zones. Selous game reserve is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site due to its importance on wildlife conservation.

Wildlife are found and live in natural habitat. All big 5 Africa wildlife are seen here. This is a real African safari destination for bush safaris and ecotourism.

Selous has wonderful scenery and attractive natural features. Selous has varied features from rolling grassy woodlands and plains, to rocky outcrops cut by the Rufiji River – the lifeblood of the game park, whose tributaries form a network of lakes, lagoons and channels. Volcanic hot springs even burst forth in places. The Rufiji offers a superb method of game viewing especially during the dry season when animals congregate. The Rufiji River is teeming with hippo and crocodile, and the birdlife is fantastic. Lion sightings are very common as the opportunistic creatures tend to laze around the lakes waiting for animals coming to drink. One of the attractions of the park is the chance to encounter wild dogs.