Turkey might be the world’s most contested country. Its landscape is dotted with battlegrounds, ruined castles and the palaces of great empires. This is the land where Alexander the Great slashed the Gordion Knot, where Achilles battled the Trojans in Homer’s Iliad, and where the Ottoman Empire fought battles that would shape the world. History buffs can immerse themselves in marvels and mementos stretching back to the dawn of civilisation.

Then again, if you want to simply unwind, spend an afternoon being pampered at a hamam, or let the warm waters off the Mediterranean coast lap at your toes. Adventure lovers can head east to Nemrut Dagi National Park. Bon vivants need look no further than Istanbul, where the markets and bars are among the most stylish and atmospheric, and the mod Ottoman cuisine rates as the tastiest, in the world.

Visit fascinating Cappadocia, with its amazing natural ampitheatre and ancient underground cities, where early Christians sheltered from Roman persecution. See the astonishing natural wonders of Pamukkale; terraced rock slopes are filled with natural basins of crystal-white hot springs. Get acquainted with the excavated ruins of ancient Troy and Ephesus a highlight of our tour


  • One passport sized photograph.
  • You need to visit the Turkey Embassy in person
  • The passport needs to be valid for at least six months (previous passport is also needed).
  • If you’re going on business, an
  • Invitation Letter is required. Carry with you the name of Host Company, Name of the contact person, as well as their Turkey telephone and address.
  • If travelling for holiday purposes, you need the travel itinerary and the name of hotel or temporary address in Turkey. For those invited by a friend/relative, the name of the host and telephone numbers should be clearly indicated in the invitation letter.
  • Carry also personal Certified Bank Statements for the last three months (original and copies of statements).
  • You need also the flight schedule print out.
  • Travel Insurance

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