Sekenani Camp

Visitors looking for a genuine bush experience can do so at Sekenani Camp Maasai Mara (Kenya). 

The camp, which is located at the Sekenani River’s source, offers a tranquil setting in which to decompress, unwind, and take advantage of everything the Mara has to offer.

Sekenani Camp welcomes you to explore the Maasai Mara with a mix of luxury and adventure.


The camp features fifteen well-appointed tents, each equipped with a full-length bathtub. These tents are separated from the restaurant and bar by a suspension bridge over the Sekenani River, ensuring complete privacy.

The public areas are housed in a large tent-like structure with canvas sides that are rolled up during the day. In the evenings, a campfire on the veranda becomes the focal point for guests to enjoy drinks and share stories before dinner.


Meal Plan: Full Board

1st March to 14th June 2024 & 1st Nov to 21st Dec 2024

– Single @ KES 13,230
– Double @ KES 18,900
– Triple @ KES 25,515

15th June to 30th June 2024 & 16th Sep to 31st Oct 2024

– Single @ KES 14,555
– Double @ KES 20,790
– Triple @ KES 28,350

1st July to 15th Sep 2024

– Single @ KES 26,460
– Double @ KES 37,800
– Triple @ KES 51,030

22nd Dec to 1st Jan 2025

– Single @ KES 20,320
– Double @ KES 29,110
– Triple @ KES 41,110

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