Olarro Lodges is a luxury safari lodge located in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. The lodge is situated in a secluded area within a private conservancy, offering guests an exclusive and intimate safari experience.

Olarro Lodges provide luxurious accommodation options, such as stylish suites and villas, each designed to offer comfort and privacy. The lodges typically feature amenities like spacious bedrooms, suite bathrooms, private decks or verandas with stunning views of the surrounding wilderness, and often have additional facilities like swimming pools, spa services, and gourmet dining options.

Guests at Olarro Lodges have the opportunity to embark on game drives led by experienced guides, allowing them to encounter diverse wildlife species like lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and many more. Nature walks, bush picnics, and visits to Maasai villages to learn about their culture and traditions are often organized as well.