Kiboko Luxury Camp is exactly that. A 4-star luxury camp off Moi South Lake Road in Naivasha. It is part of the Sun Africa Group of Hotels alongside Naivasha Country Club in Naivasha as well. This upscale camp only has 8 tents making for an exclusive stay. Set up on the shores of L. Naivasha, Kiboko Luxury Camp offers a splendid view of the lake.

Accommodation, Dining and Wellness

Kiboko Luxury Camp takes glamping (glamorous camping) to a whole new level with 8 exquisite tents. The tents feature four-poster beds, views of the lake, a private terrace deck, iPod docking station, a flat-screen TV, and an espresso machine.

Gourmet dining is offered at the restaurant. Five-course meals are served in a serene environment next to the lake for a truly relaxing dining experience.

At the Eseriani Spa, one can get a full-body massage, aromatherapy as well as body scrubs and wraps.

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