Day 1
Nairobi/Maasai Mara: (265 km Approx 5-6 hrs)

Morning drive across the Rift Valley down to the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. Lunch, afternoon game drive, dinner and overnight at your lodge/Camp

The Masai Mara Game Reserve is one of the best places in Africa for wildlife viewing. Game drives are a great way to experience the park and they take place all year round. If the big cats are what you’re looking for on your Kenyan safari, you are guaranteed to spot them at the Mara. All of the “Big Five” animals (elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos, and buffalo) can be spotted here.

Wildebeest Migration
Over 1.5 million wildebeest, zebras, and several species of antelope make an annual circular tour between the Serengeti in Tanzania and Masai Mara in Kenya in search of greener pastures. The trek happens with a fair share of animal drama as the migrating herds attract the attention of hungry predators – the hyenas and lions that prey on the lame and sick animals along the way. The animals’ trek for four months (July-October) towards the Mara.

Day 2
At Maasai Mara: Full Day with Game Drives

Experience the magical Maasai Mara: with morning and afternoon game drives, lunch, dinner and overnight at your lodge/Camp

Bird Watching
For bird lovers, the Mara birds come in every color and size. More than 400 bird species have already been recorded, including birds of prey.

Maasai Cultural Tours
You will have an opportunity to visit the maasai village where you get a chance to interact with the Maasai people in their traditional setting and experience their culture. Often the Maasai morans (young Maasai warriors) will perform their traditional dance. (Maasai cultural tour – optional at an extra US$30 per person)

Hot Air Balloon rides
For the adventurous tourist who wants a sky-high view of wildlife from the hot air, balloon rides and safaris are the best way to travel over the massive Masai Mara park. Hot air balloon rides last approximately an hour and a half and often take place at dawn. (Hot air balloon safari ride – optional at an extra US$450 per person).

Day 3
Maasai Mara/Lake Naivasha: (240 km Approx 4-5 hrs)

Morning drive through to the floor of the Rift Valley to Lake Naivasha. Lunch, afternoon boat ride & visit to the crescent island, dinner, and overnight at your lodge/Camp.

Lake Naivasha is one of the freshwater lakes in the Great Rift Valley to see the lake’s dense population of hippos and birds on a boat. Crescent Island is about 15 minutes by boat away from the shores of Lake Naivasha. It is a private game sanctuary, which is home to zebra, wildebeest, gazelle, vervet, monkeys, waterbuck and giraffe and one of the few places where one can wander on foot amidst wild animals as there are no predators.

Day 4
Naivasha/Amboseli: (380 km Approx 6 hrs)

Morning drive to Amboseli National Park; lunch, afternoon game drive, dinner and overnight at your lodge/Camp

Amboseli National Park is the second most popular park after Maasai Mara, is 260 km (160 miles) from Nairobi, on the border with the neighboring country of Tanzania. Its magnificent location is at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Combined with its excellent opportunities to view Kenya’s animals, it is one of the most-visited safari parks in Kenya.

Day 5
At Amboseli: Full Day with Game Drives

Experience the majestic view of Kilimanjaro with morning and afternoon game drives, lunch, dinner and overnight at your lodge/Camp

Amboseli is best known for its great herds of elephants. You’ll often find many of them standing knee-deep in the water, spraying, eating and at the same time bathing in the swamps to cool off. The park is a relatively small park, hence animal spotting is easy and fast. The game is plentiful; you will see cheetah, buffalo, giraffe, different types of gazelle and other plains game, prolific bird life up to approximately 425 species and it’s all set against the amazing backdrop of majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. Other attractions of the park include opportunities to meet the Maasai people to experience their traditional way of life and dances.
Weather permitting you shall get a view of the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro with its snow capped peaks where its background offers a good photographic scenery coupled with wild animals on the ground.

Day 6
Amboseli/Tsavo West: (120 km Approx 2-3 hrs)

Morning drive to Tsavo West; lunch, afternoon game drive, dinner and overnight at at your lodge/Camp

Tsavo West is the most visited section in Tsavo National Park, offering many awesome scenery apart from its wildlife. The foremost is the famous Mzima Springs. This crystal-clear spring is a paradise for a variety of fish, hippos and crocodiles which can be viewed in an underwater observation tunnel, and magnificent scenery include Shetani lava flow- a reminder of the molten outpouring that spilled down the scenic slopes of the nearby Chyulu Hills over the last three centuries.

Day 7
At Tsavo East: Full Day Game Drives

Experience the magical Tsavo East; with morning and afternoon game drives, lunch, dinner and overnight at your lodge/Camp

Tsavo East is world-famous for man eaters of Tsavo, red elephants and excellent game viewing which includes cheetahs, buffalos, zebras, giraffes, and numerous species of wildlife. A variety of migratory and native birds can also be seen here. Most of the park consists of semi-arid grasslands and savanna.

Day 8
Tsavo East/Nairobi or Mombasa

You will depart after breakfast and drive back to Nairobi, arrive in the afternoon at Carnivore Restaurant for a farewell lunch/early dinner, and later transfer to JKIA for your flight back home or you will be dropped off at your pickup hotel or drop off at the coast for your beach vacation.