The Best East Africa Safari Experience

StarLuck Travel offers the best  East Africa safari tours and beach holidays. We have vast experience acquired over many years in the tourism industry. We offer tour packages to the most exciting destinations for your East Africa safari. Enjoy unique itineraries and stay at the most exquisite hotels and lodges on your safari holiday.

Our tour packages are centered around wildlife, relaxation, and culture. We offer budget safaris, mid-range-safaris, luxury safaris, and top-luxury safaris. If you only have a few days to experience all that Africa has to offer then StarLuck Travel will organize an unforgettable East Africa safari trip just for you and your family, friends or significant other.

Our East Africa safari packages are crafted by specialists with years of experience on all matters safari. These safari packages are themed around self-drive holidays, honeymoon packages, safari holidays, luxury escapes, cruising and special ‘hot-deals’ among others. Browse our rich catalog of packages and destinations.

Take a Masai Mara on your Kenyan safari or a Kilimanjaro hike on your Tanzanian safari. These and much more East Africa safaris await you.

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