Elsa’s Kopje is located in Meru National Park, Northern Kenya, and is named after Elsa the lioness.

It has been famed as among Kenya’s most luxurious retreats. With sweeping views over the buffalo and elephant-filled savannah, Elsa’s Kopje lives up to its reputation.

The lodge is built into Mughwango Hill above the site of George Adamson’s original campsite. Elsa, the lioness’s grave is not far away from the lodge.


The Elsa’s Kopje is made up of 6 cottages, 3 honeymoon suites, 1 2-bedroom cottage, and 1 private house (2 bedrooms).

It boasts a style of luxury cottages with sweeping views. Each of the private cottages is large with big verandahs, spacious bathrooms, and plenty of space for afternoon siestas and wildlife viewing from your room.

The private house is recommended for families or guests. It consists of two bedrooms, a comfy main sitting and dining room, and a private garden and pool. An expert guide is also available to guide you privately throughout.

Elsa’s Kopje honeymoon suite is the ultimate romance. It is made up of 3 levels and has breathtaking views.

This is the perfect cottage to while away your days after an exciting morning of game viewing.

Dining and Other Amenities

Dine at separate tables under the stars or in the cosy dining and sitting area. You get views over Meru National Park with excellent game viewing and a museum dedicated to Elsa the lion from Born Free, and George Adamson.


While at Elsa’s Kopje, you can take part in activities such as day and night game drives, bush walks, bush meals and sundowners, cultural visits, day excursions to the Tana River, line fishing, swimming, and massages.